Platform Details

Virtual Implementation

COVID 19 has upended customers coming into banks for now and most likely for a while to come. Being Cloud-Based, eLender can be implemented in days without us ever needing to come to your bank. We do all our training virtually and since eLender is so user-friendly, your staff will be experts on the system with only two webinars.

Omni-Channel Application

Borrowers are busy and more than ever need to do their banking from home. With BankBright, borrowers can start an application on their mobile device, continue work from an office laptop or access the application from a bank branch.


The benefits of being cloud-based are far reaching. The cloud-based eLender system gives borrowers the ability to complete their loan tasks from anywhere, the LO to work from home and the need for ZERO IT Staff required to implement and maintain the system. It's more secure and saves your bank money.

Enterprise-Class Security

All interactions with BankBright occur over an encrypted channel. We employ SSL to protect your documents, passwords, and interactions with BankBright from eavesdropping. SmartVault encrypts your documents and all information stored in our databases at rest. The data is encrypted using AES-256. We also deploy documents and user logs can be reviewed anytime.

Borrower Self-Serve

Our industry-leading application experience uses a guided interface, loan checklist, automated document collection and user-centered design to maximize pull-through rates.

Improved Loan Efficiency

Drastically cut loan end-to-end time with automated borrower application and document collection. Your banks loans will turn around faster and with far more efficiency.


The BankBright system makes it easy to transfer data directly into some of the top Compliance and Loan Origination Software. The system also integrates for pulling personal credit reports.

Compliance Made Easy

Automatically collect required annual documents and updated applications from borrowers. Included is an Examiner Portal to give quick access for loan reviews.